Setting a new standard

Our goal? To give you full control over who can see your private photos

Cloaks helps you control who can see your private photos, when stored or shared

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When you Cloak a photo, it is split into pieces that are randomized to camouflage the true caption.


You can select the number of squares that your image is split into, or “CloakSecurity,” by default or per image, from 2 (just a reshuffle) to 10,000 (you’re gonna need pretty good eyes to decode it!). Each image is Cloaked using a different algorithm, meaning that the risk of a leak is extremely low.


Your Cloaked photos are stored by default inside the app. You can easily select favorites and create or modify albums as you move along.

Password lock

Your Cloaks are protected by a 5-digit passcode that will be required of you every time you open the app.


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